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Celebration of Downtown Bainbridge

Here where the past resides under layers of paint and asphalt and memory,
Here where matrimony happens and divorce, Deeds are recorded and misdeeds done too,
Yes, here in the shade of magnolias and oaks
in the shadow of our tallest building in the company of names inscribed and lives honored
Nostalgia could easily reign
Were it not for the fact that people live here, sell here, buy here, deposit theirs earnings here,
eat, work, worship, perform, haul garbage here.
Yes, the past undergirds, the present breathes and the future strains like a seed beneath the soil.
It is here where sparrows twitter, pigeons flutter,
Red, yellow and green follow suit all day, a workman shouts, gears grind, clouds glide over,
Here, downtown, we know ourselves as Bainbridge folk.
We know our place, our face, our fingerprint.
It is here that we know our community has a DNA,
it thrives here, DOWNTOWN.
-Basil Lucas