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Downtown Bainbridge is the historic core of our community and serves as the seat of business, government, and service for Bainbridge and Decatur County.  With historic architecture ranging from the 1860s through the 1930s, downtown is the heart of the county, and its pedestrian focus and historic buildings invite both residents and visitors.  Each downtown building has an individual character, and each building is respected for its unique features, historic appearance, significance, current condition, and impact on the district. Downtown Bainbridge exhibits its resilience by continuing to invest in downtown, growing opportunities for local entrepreneurs, and creating a memorable experience for families, residents, and guests.  We are an Accredited Main Street America community and have been designated a Georgia Exceptional Main Street (GEMS Community) for our work as proven leaders in downtown development. 

Downtown Bainbridge provides a supportive environment for start-ups, emerging entrepreneurs, and veteran business professionals. Downtown Bainbridge's assets include a robust collection of dining options and unique shops, a vibrant arts scene, and a multitude of events that draw significant foot traffic throughout the year. The connectivity between Downtown Bainbridge and the Flint River is a transformative economic development project that makes Bainbridge a destination for nature-based travelers who seek outdoor activities for their families, and it expands the area for pedestrians to explore our rich history and architecture.

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