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Nestled along the Flint River, this historic park combines natural beauty with recreational delights. Strolling distance from downtown, it welcomes visitors with lush greenery and meandering pathways. The grand staircase overlooking the riverbank offers a tranquil escape, while the park’s heart hosts a vibrant splash pad and playground where laughter fills the air. Chason Park is an idyllic spot for families and friends to enjoy the outdoors.


The J.D. Chason Memorial Park is a historic location and is where DeSoto and his men crossed the Flint River over three centuries ago. The El Camino Real, the King`s Highway, also crossed the grounds. Located within the Park is the site of Fort Hughes, built in 1817 by U.S. Soldiers under the command of Captain John M. McIntosh, and the grave of the first soldier, Bugler Hughes, killed in the Seminole Indian War.

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