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Downtown Development Revolving Loan Fund

The purpose of the Downtown Development Revolving Loan Fund (DDRLF) is to assist cities, counties, and development authorities in their efforts to revitalize and enhance downtown areas by providing below-market rate financing to fund capital projects in core historic downtown areas and adjacent historic neighborhoods where DDRLF will spur commercial redevelopment.

Georgia Cities Foundation

The Georgia Cities Foundation assists cities in their efforts to revitalize and enhance downtown areas by serving as a partner and facilitator in funding capital projects through a revolving loan fund. Applications for the Revolving Loan Fund program may be submitted at any time.  The Georgia Cities Foundation staff will review applications to determine if the project fits the overall objectives of the Foundation and is likely to have a positive economic impact on the community. 

Southwest Georgia Regional Commission

The Southwest Georgia Revolving Loan Fund is a locally controlled source of capital used to finance start up and expanding businesses whose projects will create permanent jobs and leverage private sector investment.  As borrowers repay their RLF loans, the principal and interest payments are returned to the fund for lending to other businesses to create more jobs and investment opportunities.

The Façade Grant Program is funded and administered by the Downtown Development Authority of Bainbridge (DDA).  Monies are available for exterior improvements only, and may be applied to a front, side or rear façade, provided the façade faces a public street or parking area.  The program is designed to give property owners and business owner’s financial assistance for façade improvements.​

Utility & Permit Assistance

The City of Bainbridge is offering to new businesses the opportunity to waive gas and water deposit fees.  In addition, the City of Bainbridge will waive permit fees on major rehabilitation projects that exceed $10,000 within the Central Business District.


State Income Tax Incentives

A state income tax credit of 25% of rehabilitation expenses.  The credit is capped at $100,000 for residences and $300,000 for income-producing properties.

State Preferential Property Tax Assessment for Rehabilitated Historic Property

Freezes the county property tax assessment for over 8 years.  Available for personal residences as well as income-producing properties.  The owner must increase their fair market value of the building by 50-100%, depending on its new use.

  • The application is a two/three part process, describing before and after rehabilitation.  Ideally, project work should be submitted before work begins and be completed within two years.

  • Applications for all three programs are sent to Georgia Historic Preservation Division (and afterward National Park Service for the Rehabilitation Investment Tax Credit).

  • There are substantial cost tests that must be met to qualify for each program.  

Federal Income Tax Incentives 

A federal income tax credit equal to 20% of rehabilitation expenses.  Available ONLY for income-producing properties.  The application is first reviewed by the Historic Preservation Division then forwarded to the National Park Service for final decision. 

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